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Click on link to hear "Amistad"

Feliciano Arango and Amistad Cubana includes the Arango family, Feliciano on bass (He was a founding member NG La Banda, one of the most celebrated dance bands in Cuba, and played with them for over 16 years. Feliciano helped to develop a new bass style called Timba and is renowned by many as the pioneer bassist of the style. He is a highly sought after teacher and wrote a book about timba called “El bajo contemporáneo de la Timba Cubana”. Feliciano has also worked with musical titans such as Chucho Valdés, David Murray, and Maraca); Eugenio Arango on percussion (For over 23 years he worked as a percussionist in the band of prestigious singer Pablo Milanés); Ignacio Arango on guitar (played for over ten years in the Tropicana club in Cuba with Giraldo Piloto and Paquito de Rivera), and Cristina Arango on vocals/percussion. Additional members include Julio Valdes on piano (Panama) and Robert Felcher on percussion (New York). Horns can be added as per request.

The band plays a variety of songs from traditional Cuban Son to modern Cuban Timba style dance music, all re-arranged by Feliciano.